Business Intelligence Platform

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Business Intelligence Platform

Provide fast, self-service access to decision-ready business intelligence

SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform:

  • Empower business users with anytime, anywhere access to key BI insights delivered in context. We can help you implement a flexible business intelligence platform that will increase responsiveness, reduce IT costs and workload, improve performance, and drive better decision making across the organization.
  • Provide easy, self-service access to decision-ready information with our BI platform
  • Easily discover and share insights – and make better decisions— by relying on the SAP BusinessObjects Business Intelligence (BI) platform. With flexible architecture, our analytics platform can support your growth from a few users to tens of thousands of users, and from a single tool to multiple tools and interfaces.

Why SAP BusinessObjects BI platform?

Because our powerful BI software allows you to put decision-ready information within business users’ reach. With our analytics platform, you can increase responsiveness, reduce IT costs and workload, and drive better decision making across your organization.

  • Gain real-time business intelligence from any data
  • Increase user autonomy by exposing data in plain business terms
  • Make information consumption simple, personalized, and dynamic
  • Benefit from a flexible and scalable information infrastructure

SAP BusinessObjects Explorer:

  • Search and explore your data with self-service BI tools
  • Combine the simplicity of online search with the analytical power of business intelligence (BI) – using SAP BusinessObjects Explorer. This self-service data exploration software gives all business users the ability to quickly search and explore vast amounts of data. Create stunning data visualizations using a point-and-click interface, and easily share findings across your organization.

Why SAP BusinessObjects Explorer?

Because it helps you uncover trends and connections in oceans of data – anytime, anywhere. Find instant answers to your business questions with the simplicity of a Web-based search, and get the context you need to improve decision making.

  • Give all business users intuitive, self-service data exploration and BI tools
  • Search and explore data from any device – online or offline
  • Use geolocation features and maps to add context to your findings
  • Make sense of your data with big picture insights – and drill into the details
  • Easily create dashboard views and data visualizations, and share them with your team

SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP:

  • Web-based data analysis as part of an integrated BI platform solution
  • Empower your business analysts to answer the most sophisticated questions quickly – using our Web-based data analysis solution, SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP. Explore multidimensional data in an intuitive interface and easily share insights across your enterprise.

Why SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, edition for OLAP?

Because it helps business analysts in mid to large enterprises get quick answers to complex questions. A self-service multidimensional analysis tool, this integrated BI platform solution is ideal for SAP Business Warehouse (SAP BW) and SAP HANA customers – but it also caters to offerings from selected third party OLAP providers.

  • Analyze multidimensional data to answer business questions quickly and efficiently and easily share insights across the enterprise.
  • Provide analysts with access to all online analytical processing (OLAP) data sources within an organization.
  • Reduce costs and effort associated with analyzing OLAP data in a multidimensional database.

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