Fraud Management

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Fraud Management

  • Prevent financial loss quickly and effectively with fraud management
  • Minimize financial loss through early detection and more effective alert investigation in fraud management. SAP solutions can help you:
  • Screen high volumes of transactions and business partner data
  • Investigate and document potential fraud cases
  • Limit false positives with real-time calibration and simulation on large volumes of data
  • Improve response and control to reduce future occurrences of fraudulent activity

SAP Fraud Management

  • Improve fraud detection and prevention – with powerful fraud management software from SAP
  • Detect earlier to deter and prevent fraud across your enterprise with SAP Fraud Management. Powered by SAP HANA, the application can scan huge volumes of data in real time and with greater accuracy, so your investigators can detect fraudulent activity faster, increase their efficiency, and focus on improving detection strategies against future fraud.

Why SAP Fraud Management?

Because the software offers early fraud detection features that help your investigators deter and prevent fraud as early as possible, resulting in reduced revenue loss. Safeguard your organization against all types of fraud – from procurement or bribery fraud to industry-specific threats – with SAP Fraud Management.

  • Minimize loss and protect revenue with earlier fraud detection in high volumes of transactions
  • Increase the productivity of your investigators with features that reduce false positives
  • Use fraud KPIs and predictive analyses to adapt to new fraud patterns faster and improve future risk mitigation

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